Milk Gallery

Recently, you’ve probably heard/seen a lot about NYFW, which ran from Sept. 7-13. For those who have never attended (like me), the week is filled with more than just the runway shows. During NYFW there are hundreds of exhibits (mostly free!) offering free wine and champagne, photo booths, and even free makeup and hair blowing services!

I had the chance to visit the Gucci Exhibit at Brooklyn’s Milk Gallery. The exhibit featured a collaboration with Trevor Andrew titled Real Buy. Andrew, a Nova Scotia native, is a former Olympic snowboarder and professional rider for Burton. As an artist, he goes by his alter-ego, Gucci Ghost.¬†Andrew’s grunge-like designs were featured everywhere, from the handbags placed inside the red Chevy Corvair, to an array of leather jackets hung on the wall, and of course, his own paintings and artwork covering the walls. The exhibit was quite interactive, forgoing the “please do not touch” signs and instead, allowing us to touch and feel as much as we pleased! I only wished the exhibit was larger– I was so inspired by the unique collaboration and wanted to see more!

Side note- As a fashion enthusiast, it’s always exciting to look good when visiting NYC, but it’s not always the most comfortable. How much do you sacrifice comfort for fashion? Let us know in the comments below! (I personally suffered too much in my strappy heels and had to opt out of them and buy a pair of solid boots later on). ¬†//Fen


Jacket: Mango

Dress: ASOS

Shoes: Zara


Jacket: Adidas

Shirt: OVO

Pants: Lululemon

Shoes: Adidas





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